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The PEBL from Better Bike,
Scam or Incompetence?

It's Time to get our money back!

Better Bike, the makers of the PEBL bike, has been lying to us for 5 years!  They took our money.  Promised we'd have our PEBLs in a few months, never deliver, and refuse to issue refunds.  They repeat the same knowingly false promises that our bikes are entering production every few months.  And year after year, promise after promise, we see NO BIKES!  Enough is enough.  It's time to take action.  Please join us through the form below.
What's so wrong with Better Bike?

Why is everyone so upset with the PEBL e-bike?

Better Bike seems unclear on the concept that you make the product first and then sell it.  You don't need to read PEBL bike reviews to see that no one has gotten what they paid for in four years.  The PEBL 2.0 promised every few months as ready for delivery in another two months, is nonexistent.  The last contractors Better Bike abandoned warned that the base would snap in half if the brakes were applied.  Better Bike hid these defects from customers, touting that another milestone was achieved and production was starting when it looks like a working prototype is still years away from being completed, if it ever will be.
Better Bike reviews

Better Business Bureau

Better Bike has a D- rating at the BBB

The Better Business Bureau has a list of complaints filed about the PEBL, and the responses by Better Bike seem very reasonable.  At least they do until you read and see that people have been paying up to $15,000 for a PEBL, no one has received a finished product since 2019, while Better Bike refuses to issue refunds.  Reading over all of the reviews reveals a pattern of deception, and Better Bike has not kept any of its promises to the BBB listed in their "Pattern of Complaint".

Recently, when Better Bike's "offices" were changed from physical address to a mail drop, the customer complaints of the company filed with the Better Business Bureau disappeared as well.  Those missing reviews are archived here.

Pebl Bikes pocketing your money?

We'll hear from customers

Better Bike has spent your deposit money, but not to make your "Micro Car"

Your deposit is gone, Better Bike tells you that they have to sell someone else an e-bike they can't deliver in order to get you your money back, but after many more deposits are taken they suddenly stop taking calls or answering e-mails.

Believe us, if there was something to anything Better Bike says, if we thought there was any chance that their claims were real or that they had the ability to deliver what they promised, we all would be pushing to be first in line to help them succeed.

When their stories of success are exposed as fakes, and their updates are exposed to be just cutting and pasting the same empty promises they made 5 years ago, we all became painfully aware that we were taken, and so was our money.

At this point we no longer debate whether our money is gone.  Now the only thing that isn't clear is whether this was an intentional scam all along, or if it is gross incompetence covered by a pattern of deception.

Justice for Better Bike's Customers

What the law says

Is this legal?

That's an easy answer: No.  An attorney with a practice in Consumer Protection Law looking at Better Bike's pattern of behavior says "This is obviously fraud." 

While VP of Better Bike Phil Dunmore threatens those who point out our deposits should have been in escrow, the CEO at another alternative vehicle company stated "You cannot use deposit money for anything except the build of that product. [The] law is very clear: deposits are deposits. And they have to be held in escrow and be able to be returned. So, once we get close to production, we'll take deposits because that money will be put right toward your vehicle, buying the parts for your vehicle. But, now, we can't use that money to buy tooling and equipment and pay to execute some of the ED&T [Engineering Design and Testing] that we need to [develop] like the braking system. We just can't use deposit money for our operations or any of these things that really get us into production. It would be great if we could, but it's in a lock box, ya can't touch it."  Spending our deposits over the last 5 years, it's obvious Better Bike has not been anywhere close to production at any time, and still isn't.

Even those in government investigatory agencies agree deposits can't be used this way; they must be held in escrow and be able to be returned.
And all the while Better Bike continues to sell a product they do not have, and will not have in the foreseeable future, if ever.

PEBL bike scam photos Better Bike faking progress? PEBL the bike that doesn't exist.
People, People who need Pebl, aren't the lUckiest People...

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People involved with PEBL:
Joe Grasso, Kevin Murray, Nevin Murray, Allison Wagner, Kim Aldrich, Robert Berish, Philip Dunmore